Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shooting with Children.....for Born Smart ....An amazing journey...

Enrapturing Childhood....(Bharati Makhija)

Raju and I, along with 3 cameramen,a total crew of 6 , tagged along for a challenging task ahead... Teaching toddlers through play and capturing those moments was not a child's play...Due to my passion for direction and my love for Tiny Tots made this experience truly a mind blogging experience of my life.

On the first day around toddlers, we felt like we were entering their world, which was zooming in exploring new surroundings and people, sleeping, eating , crying ....Had to keep a watchful eye on their varied moods. Every moment was different .Initially had to familiarize myself to them and when they got going in their playful mood it was my work time. I was lost in their world as it took us 98days to shoot 288 webisodes, time stood still, every baby has been such a special, unique, delightful, amazing and a learning experience, that no wonder toddlers are a bundle of joy and a Gift from God..