Thursday, November 20, 2014

Conceptualising A Day Shoot with Special Children has been an  heart warming experience till date.....

These Visually Imapired Children ignited positive energy that whereever they went the surroundings radiated with hope and love.....

Ready and eagerly waiting to be in the mainstream of life with just a little support from their fellowmen would make them realize their dreams and true potential......truly captured by this beautiful song written by Dr Wad, composed by Nilesh Moharir, sung by Neha Rajpal, Madhuri Karmarkar, Mangesh Borgaonkar and beautiful children from the NAB and other NGOs. Song directed by Bharati Makhija, cinematography by Raju Makhija.
This song was released by the Hon. Governor of Maharashtra S. Sankarnarayanan in Jan 2012.
Tribute to the spirit of life and never give up attitude of the specially disabled individuals.

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